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Carol Roscoe



Erin Fetridge, The Actor's Group

(206) 300-6080


Language Arts - Robby's Mom - Cornelia Duryée - Kairos Productions

Alt -Klara - Cornelia Duryée - Kairos Productions

If There's a Hell Below - Debra - Nathan Williams –Erasmus Productions

West of Remption  -  Mabel  -  Corrie Moore – Karois Productions
Gamers: Hands of Fate  -  Joanna  -  Matt Vancil – ZOE Productions
Gamers: Dorkness Rising   - Joanna  -  Matt Vancil – Dead Gentlemen Productions

The Dark Horse - Dana - Corrie Moore - Kairos Productions
The Whole Truth  -  Haley  -  Cathy Tucker – Tucker Drop Out  Productions



French, Spanish (beginning)




A Christmas Carol         Mrs Fezziwig/ens             ACT Theater                       Emily Pennick,dir

Barbecue                      Marie                               Intiman                             Malika Oyetimein

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love  Wife    Book-It Repertory    Jane Jones

The Boy at the Edge of Everything    Mom           Seattle Children’s Theatre  J. Schmidt-Chapman

A Day In the Death of Joe Egg    Pam                   ACT:Central Heating Lab     Daniel Wilson

Dirty Story                   Wanda†                           Intiman Theater                 Valerie Curtis-Newton

Romeo & Juliet            Lady Capulet                    Intiman Theater                  Allison Narver

Getting Near to Baby   Cynthia                            Seattle Children’s Theater   Rita Giomi

Pilgrims Musa & Sheri in the New World       Sheri*    ACT Theater                 Anita Montgomery

All My Sons                 Sue Bayliss                        Intiman Theater                Valerie Curtis-Newton

The Diary of Anne Frank    Miep                           Intiman Theater                 Sari Ketter

Native Son                  Mary Dalton                      Intiman Theater                 Kent Gash

Twelfth Night              Maria                               Seattle Shakespeare Co.      Stephanie Shine

Hamlet                        Ophelia                            Seattle Shakespeare Co.      Stephanie Shine

Persuasion            Mary/Mrs. Smith                    Book-It Theater                   Myra Platt

The Devil and Daniel Webster    Abigail               Seattle Children’s Theater    Rita Giomi 

The Magic City             Lucy                                Seattle Children’s Theater    Linda Hartzell

The Shape of a Girl    Braidie                               Seattle Children’s Theater    Rita Giomi

Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse    Julius                       Seattle Children’s Theater    Steven Dietz

Sideways Stories from Wayside School    Bebe   Seattle Children’s Theater    Jeff Steitzer

31 Bond                     Emma                               Brooklyn Lyceum                 Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

Rocketman                Trisha                               Arizona Theater Co.              David Ira Goldstein

Commercial/Voice Over 


Some Martial Arts Training

Stage Combat Training

Basic Ballroom Dance

Driving Standard Transmission

Yoga Instructor


Voice Over 

Selected list: Taco Time • Halo Reach • Halo 3 •  Bellevue Square • Macy's • Hoyle's Games • Boeing 

King 5 • Pure Audio • Sierra Entertainment • Ojimbaya Productions • Clatter and Din

Training & Workshops

MFA, Classical Acting, The Academy for Classical Acting at George Washington University at the Shakespeare Theater, Washington DC
BA, English Literature, The University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
Meisner Progression, The Actors Center, Chicago, IL

Michael Howard Studios, NYC


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