Civic Poet Project

As a professional practicum, I worked with Jourdan Imani Keith (Seattle Civic Poet) and Irene Gomez (Program Manager) to support and document the work of the Civic Poet. This included creating media assets, tracking event data, creating reports, and overseeing a public call for poetry for the Women & Whales Poetry in a Climate of Change Initiative.

Public Call for Poetry

Collaborated to create and oversee a public call for poetry as part of the Civic Poet's Women & Whales First, Poetry in a Climate of Change Initiative. This involved writing guidelines, press releases, creating media assets, and communicating with applicants and selectees. 


"Essential" Video Poem

Produced video assets for Civic Poet's poem "Essential". Commissioned by the Seattle Public Utilities. 


No Panic Pantoum Tutorial

To provide support for the public call for poetry, Jourdan provided a voice track and I created this video tu